Care and Procedures

Below is a summary of the types of care and procedures we offer:

  1. procedureEvaluation and treatment of ear diseases and hearing loss–including the latest technology in hearing aids
  2. Nasal and sinus diseases with both medical and surgical treatments — including endo (telescope) and laser, functional and cosmetic
  3. Oral, pharyngeal (throat) and laryngeal (voice) diseases
  4. Head and neck trauma and tumor
  5. Cosmetic procedures, facial and neck — including Rhytidoplasty (face-lifting), Eyelidplasty, Rhinoplasty (nasal), Otoplasty (ear), chemical peels, Collagen, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, and other fillers and implants
  6. Endoscopic evaluation of nasal, sinus, throat, laryngeal (voice) and upper airway diseases including foreign bodies